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The Nike Dunk Pro SB Mid : Tie Dye is one of the perhaps most obviously members of the rather extensive Nike 'Mid' dunks family. This is a family it shares alongside the likes of Nike Dunk SB Mid Premium Navy White, the Nike SB Mid Premium Television, the Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB Griptape and the Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro Sea Crystal. Of all the items on the 'mid-size' Nike dunks I have reached use over the years : and these are quite a number : I have to confess that it is the Nike Pro SB Mid : Tie Dye (which i only got to use recently), that i have gotten most captivated me with.Authentic JordansUnited States received three gold medals table lock first In this game of the match day, the U.S. team has red gold points. The ultimate prize of the women's 4X400 meter relay, diving man meter platform and women's basketball championship. So far 44 U.S. gold medals, while China, Japan and China in this game only a man boxing 49 kg gold medal, gold medal 38. Further widened the gap, the Chinese delegation also lost the opportunity to catch up with the United States, because the last game days, the project of the Chinese delegation medal only one, not to mention the gold medal standings to catch up, that is to maintain the entire Olympic Games in China and the United States gold medal battle officially ended, the U.S. team among the London Olympics medals table first, while China is second.Jordan Retro 10 China has insufficient capacity to lose gold medal championship In the current London Olympics, the Chinese team from the outset been concerned about the focus. Also have been among the medals table, the match day until August 9, the Chinese delegation completely let out of the medals table in the first place, the U.S. gold medal in 39, and China 37. In other words, the Chinese team in the gold medal ahead of most of the race, but the many advantages of the project are concentrated in the first half, led Cheng force less than a small amount of red-gold point and some did not take it. From August 9 to 11, the three match days the Chinese team only harvest two gold medals, the United States in the three match days mad received 10 medals, so in one fell swoop laid the medals table.Jordan 10China and the United States the most obvious gap is relatively large ball And if the gold medal gap is due to the project, then, the two countries at the Olympic Games respective advantages of the project to play a very sound. USA Swimming mad received 16 gold, nine track and field gold, harvest gold medals of the two projects; 6 gold, China's diving, swimming, weightlifting badminton gold medal, table tennis and athletics gymnastics gold. In other projects, the two delegations have a lot of gold points, such as shooting, boxing and other projects. The overall opinion, the existence of small ball weightlifting advantage of the advantages of the project can make up for the disadvantage of swimming, so this has led to the gold medal war between the two countries continued.Jordan Retro 1But in the last moment, the U.S. team ball and track and field advantage is very clear. Foot basket row of three comparisons, the Chinese team fall entirely under the wind, soccer Chinese men and women finalists, while the U.S. women's football crowned champion; volleyball on the U.S. women's volleyball team won, China missed the medals; win the U.S. women's basketball, basketball. , men's basketball is an almost foregone conclusion. Brace face, but a transitional period with the women's volleyball team in the Olympic Games completely withdraw from competition for the project of the big ball before the big ball there are women's volleyball. Today in sports, the most unsatisfactory aspect of even the Olympic Games, track and field team man Walking the breakthrough, we can see the disadvantage of the large ball project is a sad place for the Chinese delegation.Authentic Jordan ShoesTaekwondo men's 80 kg class competition, China's Liu roaring waves participate in the race. He lost to Italy in 1/4 final after extra time had worked hard to Molfetta. After several rounds of competing, and ultimately the final two players are Gabon the Aoba Mi and Italy Molfetta. The Aoba Mi in the previous game, beat the Samoa Fuetajia, Cuba, Fernandez Pagani and Turkey Tanlikulu Molfetta then has defeated Tajikistan Gurov Chinese athlete Liu roaring waves and Keita of Mali.Jordan Retro 11 In the first round of the competition, the two appear in the beginning stages are more cautious, nearly a minute, they have no active attack action, the results of the referee warned the two men. Subsequent competitions, they expand the exchange that the, Aoba Mi coaches appeal that the Obama-meter-high kick to hit each other head. After this action replay has been confirmed, Aoba Mi 3 points score 4 to 0 lead. The penalty Molfetta by impact with Houaobami 2 points. The end of the first round, Aoba Mi 6 to 1 lead Molfetta.Jordan Retro 12Second round showdown, Aoba Mi big lead in no hurry to attack, but wait for the opponent's vulnerability seems to counterattack. While Molfetta is much more active, his continuous use of their own side kick 2 points, narrowing the score gap. Kick well but the side with Houaobami blocked the attack of Molfetta, the latter can not be close to hitting the effective parts. The end of the second round, Aoba Mi 6 to 3 lead Molfetta.Jordan Retro 7 The final round of competition, Molfetta the first to use the punch attack 1 minute. However, with a nifty Houaobami leg side split, not only a direct hit to the head of Molfetta, also kicked to the ground. Molfetta coach filed a complaint, but failed, Aoba Mi advantage expanded to a 9 to 4. Fined a game too negative with Houaobami the Molfetta been encouraging the use of side kick 1, chasing the score 6 to 9. The last moment, Molfetta suddenly a note Downward success, chasing the score into nine square, the game into overtime. Increase when the decisive battle, the two fell on all words. But within two minutes, but no one scoring, can only wait for the umpire. The final judge finds that the Italy Molfetta victory, he won the gold medal, Gabon Aoba Mi runner-up won the silver medal.Jordan Retro 5Prior to the level of the bronze medal match, Mercedes Pagani, Cuba defeated Keita of Mali, roaring waves, Liu defeated Turkey's Tanlikulu two winner tied for the bronze medal As its name suggests, Nike SB Mid : Tie Dye is one unapologetically colorful shoe, one on which almost all colors of the range make an appearance. Looking at my particular pair, I can identify more than 7 different colors. On the bottom part of the sole, the part that is in contact with the ground for instance, there is yellow : a light hue of it. On the upper part of the sole, where the sole gets connected to other shoe, there is white : which later makes an appearance on the front region of the shoe next to its language, and on its (original) shoelaces. Then there is black, on the front part of the shoe, especially on the patch that connects the different parts that make up the shoe's torso. Yellow, this time a darker hue, shows up on the flap that is provided to supplement the shoe-lace as a mechanism for securing the shoe on the foot. Red is the color Nike uses for its hallmark 'tick' on the Nike Dunk Pro SB Mid : Tie Dye, with green making a showing at the very back of the shoe; where the tie and dye affair is most clearly manifest. In terms of height, Nike Dunk Pro SB Mid : Tie Dye is quite a short shoe, the one that more strictly speaking, would be classified as belonging to the Nike 'Low' dunks family. The rise in its gradient is gradual (and modest), starting from the front section of the shoe where the toes go in, and peaking towards the middle section of the shoe, so that (like all Dunks), it gets to its highest at the 'tip of the tongue' where the shoe's torso meets its wearer's foot-trunk. As alluded to earlier, for a tying mechanism, Nike use a combination of the traditional shoe lace and a flap mechanism; which seems to be its preferred combination of securing mechanisms in all its modern dunks. The securing flap, of course, in addition to its primary role of keeping the shoe in place also serves the role of adding to colorfulness in this particular pair. All said and done, Nike Pro SB Mid : Tie Dye results in as a particularly ideal shoe; especially for casual

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