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Okay, so you have been to the British Virgin mobile Islands and you are ready to try something new. How about a Carribbean Sailing Charter to the island of Street. Martin? If you are a experienced sailor man or you have a crewed charter, and you have an extra week, it is about a 17 hour passage between the BVI and Street. Martin. Or you can simply fly directly into Street. Martin and pick up your sailing charter. It doesn't matter how you get there, Street. Maarten/St. Martin has been half Nederlander and half French since 1648. The island's rolling green hills overlook deep set coves that, in the past, provided ideal hiding places for pirates. Today, with unrestricted border crossings, the island is one of the major holidaymaker destinations in the Carribbean, especially as a shopper's Mecca, with duty-free status on luxury items such as jewelry, watches, cameras, alcohol, fragrances, and crystal. 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"We are also seeking opportunities to enhance the strength of the team, very satisfied with our introduction of Jeremy Lin and other young players, but no superstar is difficult to get a championship," Morey said, "I hope our young players can grow into a superstar, or transactions to such players. " "Jeremy Lin is a good supplement to us, and we appreciate his professional attitude," said Morey, "Jeremy Lin has wisdom, his character will help him to succeed, I am glad we were able to get him."basket jordanLakers pay Andrew - Andrew Bynum, Mike Roberts, Yi Tingjia get Dwight - Howard, - Chris Duhon with El - Clark. The Nuggets pay Efulaluo with Al - Harrington get Andre - Andre Iguodala. 76 pay Iguodala, Wu Qie Weiqi and rookie get Huck Rees, Andrew - Andrew Bynum and Jason - Richardson. Magic pay Dwight - Howard, Jason - Richardson - Chris Duhon and El - Clark. In Aaron - Efulaluo, Al - Harrington, Wu Qie Weiqi, Huck Rees, Mike Roberts, Yiting Jia with three teams in each first-round draft picks (76 in 2015 protected Lotto signed, the Nuggets in 2014 two first-round draft picks (including a 2017 first-round picks from the Knicks) that the lower pick, a Lakers have two second-round picks). Howard's contract expire after the end of next season, after Howard said regardless of joining any team he intends to test water free-agent market after the end of next season, while Bynum has said he will become a free man in 2013.sac Louis Vuitton76 people had been high hopes look forward Andre Iguodala succession Iverson, and now has been traded to the Nuggets, NBA official website brought Andre Iguodala personal 10 best ball of the season, let us again recallAI brilliant performances in pas cherHave the basketball god Jordan later, in Jackson's set-up, scottie pippen, and virtuous man adjuvant, 90 s bull made a great empire. 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In recent years, the SAN Antonio spurs training assistant to the general manager including lindsey, Danny - fuller, Sam - general les pedicle and dell - DengPuSi are fast becoming the other team's senior management personnel.anthentic jordansAccording to Miami "the sun sentry news" news, the heat (micro Po) team legend this one with - alonzo mourning (recently accepted when interviewing, say, the league's dominant big man is not much, and the heat can consider let lebron James and dwyane wade - (micro Po) hit inside to. When talking about alliance insider status, alonzo mourning (said. "It is from inside to outside, not from inner to outer in dozen. Can have a 6 '10, 7 feet dominant big man protection area is great, but obviously it is luxury. Now such a big man has not how many, the most in the league only 4, 5."anthentic jordanAccording to the Boston globe "news, thunder team four-year, $48 million contract the barca, it makes and the team did not continue long about core players only James haddon, thunder to haddon long contract opportunities will be in next summer. Help the United States Olympic men's basketball team won the gold medal of course can promote haddon's prestige, but this does not mean that thunder team general manager Sam - general grace's willing to give haddon a big contract, this will let the thunder in the next few years of trading operation become not. Last season finals haddon performance was disappointing, the percentage is 37.5%, three point shooting only 31.8%, in Miami's third, four haddon is 20 shot only 4. And in the team after losing the finals, haddon be is was photographed in south beach carnival. 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The celtics last season made the luxury tax, player payroll $86 million, more than $15 million salary cap, this lets the team paid more than $15 million. In the new salary system, the luxury tax threshold more low, the team's salary space becomes greater. "NBA (micro Po) there are many things that you can balance, we'll try our best to balance everything, can respect this hard-won. In the past few years is make the playoffs for us how lucky." Pluto's grace said. "But we also want to consider, let the team in a stable and powerful position.Authentic Jordans Girls Street. Martin works for all types of cruising motorcycles, including party-goers looking for an active night life, families with young children, and wealthy ocean adventurers with their luxury yachts. On the Nederlander side, the currency is the Holland Antilles Guilder, while on the French side, the euro is the local currency. Most establishments, however, will quote in and accept US dollars. The island has always featured a wide cultural mix in its population, including Nederlander, French, African, Asian and Indian, creating a melting pot of over 350 dining choices. Traditional French, Nederlander, Asian and Creole creations are often fused with Carribbean foods. The island has an amazing array of outdoor activities to keep the Carribbean cruiser amused, including sailing regattas, scuba diving, hiking, and mountain biking. In addition, an excellent variety of water sports including windsurfing and jet skiing are available. The French Navigate Beach on the northeastern coast is the center for water sport activity with several places to rent jet skis, windsurfers, snorkeling gear, as well as parasail and boat trips out to nearby Green Cay, Tintamarre and Ilet Pinel. On the Nederlander side, Simpson Bay also has plenty of operations renting out similar equipment. Diving on Street. Martin is okay, although certainly not the greatest in the Carribbean. The best dive spots include: 1) Proselyte Saltwater: The HMS Proselyte went under in 60ft. of water in 1801. The saltwater surrounding the frigate rises to within 15 ft. of the surface and there are plenty of fish and corals to see, as well as the occasional turtle and beam. 2) Simpson Bay Bridge: In the late 1980's, the remains of the old bridge were immersed and now serve as an artificial saltwater for schools of fish. 50 ft. at its biggest, the site also has several nearby accidents as well as an old aircraft. 3) Split Rock and Cable Saltwater: Split Rock is a large boulder you can swim through, and Cable Saltwater houses many large fish, including pompano. Both sites are at 55 ft. Another fun activity is sea water-skiing. With guided tours, this has become a popular way to explore the island's beaches, historical sites and mangrove ecosystems. With a dozen or so marinas dotted around the island, and some of the world's most beautiful yachts moored in them, it is no wonder that many visitors enjoy spending a day on the water. Whether you sail on an America's Cup winning vessel, spend the day onboard a celebration boat, or take an excursion on a tall ship, there are many opportunities to explore the waters surrounding Street. Martin. If you are looking for a break from your sailing vacation, Street. Martin offers many onshore activities including mountain biking, hiking and riding. Mountain biking tracks are for sale to all amounts of riders. The Cay Bay and Mullet shorelines are particularly friendly for beginners, while the Bellevue loop between Port de Plaisance and Marigot is more demanding. For those looking for an adventuresome hike, Pic Paradis (at 390 meters- the highest point on Street. Martin), offers a 3-hour journey over bumpy trails and through fields of papayas and apples up into the jungle for a fantastic view of the island. Apart from Pic Paradis, the Sint Maarten National Heritage Foundation has over 25 miles of hiking trails through hills, valleys, high cliff tops and beaches. These trails are rated for all levels, and vary in total from 90 minutes to 4 hours. Finally, a horse back ride on the beach is an unforgettable experience, especially if you take one that includes swimming with the horses through the surf. Both Bayside Riding Club and Lucky Stables can accommodate novice or experience riders. No matter where you go on Street. Martin, paved roads link the major tourist areas. The roads, however, are narrow and sign-posting is restricted. The significant problem is the sheer volume of traffic, particularly on the Nederlander side. Traffic can slow to a crawl or even a standstill, specially when the Simpson bay Bridge rises for yacht traffic. Allow the required time to get around. Although one island, a cruiser from a Carribbean sailing charter will see there is a distinct difference between the French and Nederlander sides of Street. Martin. French Street. Martin is less commercialized than the Nederlander side, even though it has some of the finest beaches and restaurants. The capital of Marigot is a charming mixture of French chic and Carribbean tropical style. The main focus is the possess, which is the departure point for ferries to Anguilla, Street. Barths and Saba. It is also the site of a large colorful marketplace offering spices, flowers, and tropical produce. Side streets house a number of designer boutiques like Cartier, Hermes and Mont Blanc. Heading north from Marigot, is the gastronomic capital of Street. Martin- the little town of Grand Case. The most touted creativity in Street. Martin is culinary, and this village alone offers dozens of choices lined up along the beach road. If you are looking for a break from your Carribbean sailing charter galley, this is the place to do it. With daily specials chalked up outside, Grand Case prides itself on its well-deserved reputation among the finest dining centers in the Eastern Carribbean. Wherever you opt to dine, you will not find a bad meal here! There are also several free galleries and a golden-sand beach that lines the wide capturing bay. Continuing east from Grand Case, the trail leads around a sodium pond, which attracts many birds, to the tiny settlements of Anse Marcel and Cul de Sac. Sheltered Anse Marcel is a favorite spot with Carribbean cruising motorcycles who take advantage of the large resort there as well as the long sandy beach. Driving through the rolling country and mangrove swamps, you will come to Cul de Sac, seen as a its cute little red-roofed houses. Cul de Sac is the departure point for boats making day trips to Ilet Pinel, a pristine and uninhabited just offshore island that offers excellent snorkeling and several lunch spots. Along the rough Ocean coast line of the east coast, there are several isolated beaches popular with windsurfers. Perhaps the most widely known beach in this region is Navigate Beach. The area includes a large development of hotels, villas and condos, but the beach itself is a fabulous swatch of brilliant white sand lapped by turquoise blue waves. As mentioned above, this beach is the hub for water sport activity. And, if you are looking to acquire an all-over tan, the Club Navigate, a nudist resort, is located on the southern end of the beach. From Navigate Beach, an easy excursion to the just offshore isle of Tintamarre will also offer an unforgettable experience. The anchorage provides a nice rest for those on a Carribbean sailing charter that want to soak in the world-renowned mud baths. If you have had enough beach time on Street. Martin, the Ferme aux Papillons is a good distraction. The best time to come is in the morning when this large collection of tropical butterflies is most active. Finally, continuing south, you will come to Oyster Pond, which is divided in half by the French/Dutch border. This is a well protected landlocked anchorage. If you are into buffets, Chief Olivier's sets out an impressive Carribbean spread with whole grilled grouper and lobsters, as well as various salads and desserts. The best beach in Oyster Pond is actually on the Nederlander side. Dawn Beach is the perfect place to watch the sun come up as well as enjoy great views of Street. Barths. There is good snorkeling just offshore and the reefs lure scuba divers to their caves and clfs. Beware, however, that the coast itself is wild and the waves can really roll in. The charter bases there recommend that you allow one of their boat captains to create you in and it is best to pay attention to their advice. Nightlife on the French side is usually quiet, although several of the hotels may have their own entertainment and there is often a Jump-Up in Grand Case on Friday and Saturday nights, especially between January and may. Unlike the French side, the Nederlander Sint Maarten is more commercialized and touristy. Other than the language and some of the names, there is little you can describe as characteristically Nederlander. Although this side of the island is often crowded, there is plenty of fun to be enjoyed on the beaches and the numerous lively bars, restaurants and casinos. Philipsburg, the Nederlander capital, is a lively commercial town unabashedly in search of the tourist dollar. Its main two roads, Front Street and Back Street, are linked by a series of narrow walkways supporting a cruise ship dock, several hotels, and perhaps the largest mall of the Leeward Islands. Front Street sells every sort of duty-free goods from alcohol and lighters, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, designer clothes, gifts, and electronics, while Back Street sells cheaper no-name goods. The town itself wraps around the long semicircular Great Bay Beach. It is not the most amazing beach, but it has great views of Saba while offering numerous waterfront eateries or drink. Few people stay in Philipsburg, preferring instead the hotels, resorts and series of white sand beaches around the Simpson Bay Lagoon that characterizes the west coast of Street. Maarten. Maho Beach is often drowned out with noise as planes swoop on to Juliana airport. Nevertheless, the beach is very popular and the Setting sun beach Bar is usually packed when the sun goes down. Millet Bay Beach is one of the more popular beaches. It is known for its gentle surf, white fizzy sand and ample shade provided by numerous palm trees. The quieter Cupecoy Beach has long been clothing optional. It is a dramatic beach with richly colored limestone clfs and caves. The best nightlife in terms of bars, clubs and casinos is on the Nederlander side. For partygoers, there is something happening every evening from small salsa bars to happy hour two for one specials and raucous booty-shaking music in the clubs. A busy island shared between the Nederlander and French, Street. Martin is a haven for shoppers and sun hunters. It is a great spot for a Carribbean sailing charter. Whatever its origins, Street. Martin's border bisects the smallest landmass (thirty seven square miles) in the world shared by two countries. The difference between the two is immense. The quieter Street. Martin is decidedly French in style, developed on a small scale but including French shopping and gourmet restaurants while Nederlander Street. Maarten is a party-goers delight with its resorts, casinos and fast-food chains. Whatever your pleasure, there is no other island like it in the Carribbean. Where else can you book a Carribbean sailing charter and explore two countries on one island? Experience this unique piece of paradise yourself. A tropical adventure under two countries is yours to

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