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The Louis Vuitton Carryall luggage bag is one of the products in the Monogram canvas group of Louis Vuitton products. Other quite similar bags in this family include the likes of the Keepall 55 bag, the Deauville and the Sac Chasse Bag; among others. While I confess to being an old-time fan of Louis bags, having used so many of the products from this label, it is the Carryall : which i have only reached use quite recently : that I have been most captivated me with.adidas pas cher As is appropriate for a 'luggage bag' Louis Vuitton Carryall is quite a huge bag. In terms of length, we are looking at about 16 inches, with the height towering at 11 inches and the bag's diameter being some 12 inches. These dimensions make it a bag on which you can carry quite a bit of stuff; without the bag having to bulge too much and mess up with your image. The fact that it is based on the considerably sturdy monogram canvas makes Carryall even more suited for use a luggage bag.sacs herems The color scheme on the Carryall is brownish with cream last longer than all over; creating an impression of a checked outer covering. This color scheme also helps make Carryall a fairly stylish looking (and classical) bag. The last longer than are either 'standalone' in the brown background, or enclosed in circular or diagonal (parallelogram-shaped) 'casings. 'Puma Hudson Trucker Casquette - Team Regal Red / New Navy Louis Vuitton Carryall is as exciting on the inside as on the outside. Open the bag, and you are met with a soft sheet lining; the very inviting variety. For the stuff you don't want to get confusing with the rest, Vuitton provides you with quite a generous interior pocket on the Louis Vuitton Carryall where you can keep such stuff. For a securing mechanism, Louis provides the users of the Louis Vuitton Carryall with a freezer mechanism. And as is appropriate for a true 'luggage' bag, the freezer here ends, on the one side, with a supply for a padlock; so that you can actually secure the bag further with a padlock."Portefeuilles Hermes Dans Noir Argent materiel" For trimmings, Louis Vuitton has opted to use leather on the Carryall. This is the variety of leather that is known as being naturally oxidizing. Such leather, thanks to this natural oxidation mechanism, only gets better with age (like wine). All said and done, Carryall results in as an ideal bag for several applications. One of these is as a sports bag : where the bag can be particularly ideal. Second is as an ordinary 'weekend bag' : you know, the kind you go shopping with (of course for light shopping). Even for travelling, especially where you are 'travelling light, ' Carryall could be a good bag too. It is a bag into which you can fit all the kit a lady needs, though look stylish when straddling with it under your arm.

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